Who am I kidding,

It's just me.


An original of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England I spent my early working career in the Print Industry cutting my teeth with conventional LetraSet before progressing into typesetting via the very earliest of Apple Computers.

My illustration style is heavily influenced by the books and magazines I read as a child, bold primary colours, simple economic use of line and classic typefaces have followed me thus far.

As an artist I am drawn toward abstraction and once again early museum visits stayed with me. I am very fortunate to live near Wakefield and Leeds which boasts the home to two of my favourite artists and sculptors: Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

As a photographer I am not concerned with the constant need for bigger and better cameras, I've always held true to the saying "Your eye is the camera, the camera is only a tool" and my images are caught often more with emotion rather than technique.